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Check out the red Airstream for snacks, sweet treats, hot & cold drinks, and other delicious local food items.  

Eat In - Take Out - Campsite Delivery 

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From the chef 


I am chef Dakota Hatton. I am proud to be a local Mainer. Grew up in this industry as my father ran two seafood restaurants in Rockland, ME. Spending my weekends dishwashing. Witnessing the Chaos between the front of the house and the back of the house. I was amazed and knew I wanted to be apart of it. Call me crazy...


I started my first job on the island at 14 working at Jordan Pond House from there I took culinary at a tech school for high school students and moved on to college for culinary arts. I took my first professional job in 2009 working for August Moon Catering. Hosting parties for big estates and organizing big events like weddings and galas. As well as spending my winters in Colorado as an event chef for Vail Resorts

My grandfather started Maine Bakes many many years ago. He would come up from Florida for the summer, get lobsters from my cousins who fish. It started small with a enclosed storage trailer and a 12 x 12 tent. On my freetime I would swing in and help him out. As I fell in love with the idea of cooking traditional lobster dinners for campers who either never had lobster before or make it a special occasion. 

My grandfather retired about seven years ago and I have been here ever since. Every year we seem to expand and make this spot better & better. 

We source locally from native fishermen, cook our lobsters in saltwater, crack, split for the easiest picking.  Come check us out or call us and we will come to you.


                  As delivery is new this year  

Dinner Menu 

Dine In - Take Out - Delivery 



Whole Pound &Quarter



Served with corn on the cob & coleslaw


  Whole Pound & Half 




Served with corn on the cob & coleslaw

Fresh Catch everyday

We try our best to stock enough for our guests while having the freshest lobster around. supplies may vary and are on a first come first serve basis 

Downeast Crockpot Clam Chowder

New England style, with local quahog and cherrystone clams, and northern red potatoes


All Items below come with potato chips & pickle 

Rusticator Lobster Grilled Cheese

Hand-picked lobster meat, brie cheese, tomato, red onion, & basil with a balsamic reduction served on sourdough 


Lazy Fisherman Burger

6 ounce beef patty with local cheddar cheese


Lonely Woodsmen Grilled Cheese

Aged local cheddar on rustic sour dough


Native Mainer Lobster Roll

Handpicked lobster meat, lightly tossed in mayo with parsley & lemon.


Overgrown Dooryard Burger

Veggie patty, beer cheese, lettuce, tomato & red onion with a red pepper aioli.


The Scout Mac & Cheese

Kid's Kraft Mac & Cheese


*Menu is subject to change without notice.

*All items are based on availability. 

Specials and events are listed below and updated weekly.

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